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September arrives tomorrow here in Knox County and I think that the weather is going to feel a bit like mid July. Highs near 90 and lots of humidity. Summer is going to go out with a bang!

We've taken our Country girl Aubrey back to the city last week. She is in her junior year at BenU (Benedictine University) She loves college life and was looking forward to getting back to her classes and social life. She spent the entire summer working at an assisted living center where the staff and residents loved her and didn't want her to leave.
Our youngest Aleck is a senior this year, and has a very agriculture related schedule. He has his first "job" off the farm at the local John Deere Implement dealership for the school year.

We're in the transition mode here on the farm. Crops aren't ready for harvest and this is the time to get all the things done before the big harvest push arrives around the farm and our family and homes.

As I write this note, our son Adam ~Rowan's Dad~ was taken down by one of the calves I say calves they weigh in at about 800lbs now. She was spooked and ended up getting Adam just right. He completely severed his ACL and fractured his knee. He will be going in for surgery soon for repair. Not only is harvest soon upon us but Adam and Amanda are expecting baby girl #2 the first of November. Needless to say this is a little bit of a stressful time.

Amber and Tims family is of course busy as one would expect with 3 kids. Eli and Ethan are playing JFL football and Tim is the head coach. Without the volunteers for these programs the kids wouldn't be able to have a team so everyone is very grateful for volunteers. Amber will be finishing up her schooling this winter so she will be thankful for that!

As the Harvest Season approaches Kreg and I are thankful for each season we are healthy and have a good productive life and that our children and grandchildren enjoy a loving family and homelife with plenty of food and a warm home for the cold months to come.

~Bountiful Blessings~
loading the dually for schoolRowan loves her purple glasses!We have a projectStrike a poseSuccessMy little helpeKreg and I out on the town with friendsEli and Ethan with their Game FACEjust imagine me there too. Oh, I'm taking all the pictures

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