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Mr. Beaux will be 9 this November of 2015 and is on the retired list. He's in great health just getting up in years. He continues to be our beloved house dog and of course will remain here with my family forever.
Beaux along with my Marley are my house boys! I do love my boys, but everyone knows that my Mr. Beaux and his line of pups have always been a favorite of mine. Several can be viewed in our Furry Friends Section.

I brought Beaux into our home when he was about 7 months old. He had one piddle accident total! I could see that his quiet ways weren't doing him any favors in the pack of the Crew. He was held back from a breeding I did prior to retiring his mother. He is Champion sired and his pedigree is pretty much solid Championed dogs for AKC Conformation. He is not only beautiful but I am more so taken with his very gentle ways.

I have made it a point to hold back females from his breeding not only because of his pedigree but most importantly his superior disposition and continued good health.

Mr. Beaux loves the grandkids, and all people in general. He is very quiet and mellow. He does have Coat though! I have started keeping him shorter these days because he just like myself tend to get hot these days. His favorite spot in the summer is laying on the cold air vent.

Beaux is one of my best models and will do anything I ask of him. I know he is thinking OMG what do I have to do today? But he takes it all in stride.

Beaux remains in fine health and is as close to the perfect dog there can be. :)

April 30, 2015
Well I think I am going to have to make an official statement. Mr. Beaux has been retired. He remains in fine health, wonderful disposition and the ever loving companion. I just can't believe he is 9 years old. As I said he's in fine health and continues to be the light of my day

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