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August 8th came this weekend and so many smiles, a few tears of sadness as my families remember their pets that have passed and tears of happiness for their new little companions.

As expected it was little bit hot and humid but the AC was going and we did manage to go outside for a few fun photos of our new CC family members. "Miles" family was first to visit and he is happy to say he is getting a new little sister. Mitzi's Liberty is now SUMMER

I enjoyed meeting Mickey and Rick from Grand Rapids MI, they couldn't resist Miss America and she is now FIONA!

Gina and Holly made the visit and were more than thrilled with their new little girl from Mitzi I called Justice, and her new name is SHELBY. Holly is off for her last year of college next week and it was so nice to see such a pretty young lady who is going to be an elementary teacher. God bless our teachers! Gina and her family actually live right down the road from Aubrey's College Benedictine in Lisle.

Debra and son Cameron made the trip from Colorado to visit Ryder and are now off to do some traveling and scouting out some colleges for Cameron who plans to be a surgeon! Wow, I'm impressed and my advice to him was Stay focused!

Linda has been following me from day one and can probably remember more about CC's and my Crew than I can at this point. She contacted me 12 years ago for a puppy and I wasn't able to help her at that time. As it happened she was ready for another faithful companion and it seems timing was just perfect. We had been discussing which of the 2 black girls she might get and I have to say that Linda, Mickey and Rick and I couldn't be more pleased with the selection process. Linda is the new person for Star who will now be called ADDISON *Yep she is a CUBS FAN*. Linda lives in Lisle Il and I have a feeling if Aubrey ever gets in a pinch I have some good people in the area for a little support!

"Sparky" is now DANTE and "Boomer" just may be CHARLIE

I would just like to say that is has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with these families. They seem to understand the great undertaking it is rearing a litter or pups and managing my families.
I have set dates for visits and departures and its great to have everyone working along with me. I know they all enjoyed their visit to the Country and I have to say my Crew was on their best behavior and Marley was sponging up as much attention from the pretty girls as he could! My moms, Mitzi and Rylee showed off their pups and themselves by being friendly, outgoing and social.

Hi Stephanie,

We just want to tell you how very impressed we were with your operation, your dogs, and the woman behind it. It all just felt so right to me and Rick, and apparently to the dogs as well judging by their joyful and relaxed attitudes. You have a beautiful place and a lovely, caring way with your dogs and pups. We have no doubt we chose the right breeder for us, even though our aging bones were tied into pretzels by the time we got home yesterday. But we'll gladly make the trip again this week to bring little Fiona home. We found a sitter for Tucker and tomorrow I'll arrange for a different wellness appt for her.

We did stop at that bakery and picked up rye and cinnamon bread, but not before having a cup of coffee and a blueberry scone. Yum! Darling place. See? Us city slickers manage just fine in the boonies! We were told that they serve chicken pot pie starting at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. We may have to check that out.

And then there are Swedish meatballs on Sunday. Hmmm. Maybe I could slip Fiona into my purse....

Anyway Stephanie, it was a pleasure to finally meet you and we want to thank you for your graciousness and hospitality. AND those beautiful dogs. We can't wait for Fiona to begin with us and Tucker a new chapter in our lives. (And what a heck of a birthday present for Rick!).

See you next Saturday!


It was wonderful meeting you yesterday!! Your Crew are so happy! The puppies are cutie pies!! Can't wait to bring "Star" home!! Her new name is Addison! Cubs fan here! Wrigley Field is on Addison and my son lives near there!!

See you soon!
Linda :))

It was so nice to work with such a great group of families. My Rylee and Mitzi pups have all joined their new homes. I have to say I'm going to miss them, each puppy was just as nice as the next! Of course I do have my Ruger I am holding onto. This will give Rowan and I a project this fall and winter. They can wear each other out.

I'm looking forward to updates from my families so don't be afraid to send me some pictures everyone

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