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Hi Stephanie:

Thanks for the surprise for Christmas. Here are a few photos of the boys from a couple weeks ago. My sister is already planning the photo shoot you two have worked out. Should be fun.

They both continue to be healthy and very happy. Playtime continues to expand as they try new things on their own and to each other.

Hope you and your entire crew have had a wonderful Christmas.

Warm Regards,


Showing off the boys for Willow and Banks newest litter to be!

Hi Stephanie
The boys continue to grow like weeds. Took these today. They love to play with the kids, and the kids love them right back. Trying to get all of the them focused at the same time is a bit of a trick. Puppy cuts on Monday.

Hope all is well.


I am so glad I got two this time. These two love each other so much and I am glad they could spend their lives together. Susqua is clearly the snuggled. He loves for me to pick him up and put him on my chest. He is usually asleep in seconds. Bulkley always stays very close to me, but prefers to be next to me versus on me. His eye has healed up fine so we are in good shape. Bulkley really looks like Willow and her dad, but he has Banks build. He is just thick. He is really a character. Susqua is holding his own and is very smart. You only have to tell him to do something once and he gets it. Bulkley is a bit more stubborn. I've nicknamed them double trouble, knowing Bulkley is the instigator 99% of the time.

I am having a great time with these two and looking forward to taking them out on a boat here in the next couple weeks at our cabin up in the mountains.


It was so nice to see Bill again. He promises me pictures of his new boys! I am going to hold him to his promise.
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