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Good morning, Stephanie,

We took Dillon to our vet yesterday for a well-check. Same doctor that we've used for years with our mini schnauzer.

He said that Dillon seems to be very healthy!

Everyone was in love with him at the clinic- tiny little fur ball! However, he is a solid 4-pound puppy now. Eating well for me, whenever he feels like it at the moment. His stools are all normal and likes to go quite a bit.

We still find him very playful, more and more every day. He is hilarious, in fact, when paying playing with his little ball. Or my slippers :). Loves attention, loves being with us, loves tummy rubs...very content to lay with us during, day, the boys reading or homework time.

Not all of his teeth are are yet, according to the vet. I definitely notice his need to chew so we got him puppy-sized rawhide.

He alerts me with a soft whimper if he has a need- mostly to go pee at midnight. He is starting to respond to his name, too.

I'm planning on taking photos with the paparazzi camera this weekend- I'll be sure to send you some!

Thanks very much...and have an amazing day!

Hi Stephanie,
Dillon completed his first training class. He did amazingly well and even won the first prize (out of ten dogs) for agility. Apparently, he was 25 seconds faster than the second fastest dog on the agility course :)
People were so smitten with him and funny thing is that most thought that he was a girl because of his eyelashes (and overall
Size). They were also surprised how calm he is in social settings. I took him to our park this afternoon with the boys and for 2.5 hours, he just laid on the grass (he had fresh water in a bowl next to him). Of course he is plenty busy when he plays, but he loves to just chill. Loves to observe the world...
He's the best 💙

Hi Stephanie,

Little Dillon turned a year old the other day! That little sweetness...not enough space to write how much we all adore and love him.

He is 23 pounds, has held the weight for a few months. Looks trim with a wonderful shiny coat. Unless he gives us clues that it's time to play catch, he is always so content. No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing. He is just as happy sitting at the park while I watch the kids play as he is sleeping with a paw on my hand or taking a nap. We have our routines and he knows them well. Lots of energy (still a puppy!!!) and we walk him twice a day, play catch and "soccer".

Dillon is still so good about controlling his eating habits. I put out food twice a day, but he only eats when he is hungry and if he had enough, he leaves it. Wish I could do that at times!!!! LOVES his bulky sticks to chew on every day. Keeps his teeth so white and clean.

Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas with your family, Stephanie. We are so very grateful for connecting us with Dillon!!!!

Dillon 8 weeks Mitzi/Ruger boy

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