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9-14-13 Update:
Hi Stephanie-

Just wanted to give you a quick one week update on Buffy. We have had a great first week with her! We are in love with this cute little girl. We can't get enough of her and I think she is pretty happy with us too. When the girls and Todd leave for work everyday she runs around looking all over for them! It's quite cute.

She is eating good and is already learning to ring her bell and bark when she needs to go out. That's not to say she hasn't had a few accidents, but she is really doing quite well. She is sleeping in her cage every night without any problems, thanks to you. All I can say is we are beyond thrilled with our new family member!!!!

Also, we just love the photos you posted on your sight of Buffy and our family and we would love to have them!!

PS you were right about her sniffing and exploring. She is loving her yard and keeps that little nose to the ground looking for things that ultimately get her in trouble!!

We will be sure to keep you updated. Thanks again for trusting us with this precious little pup!! :)

The Gates Family

For my followers... Buffy was previously Trudy from Macy and Beaux.

Something tells me she is going to be getting a lot of attention!

What a great family, loved these girls so full of energy and cute too.

The crew was on their best behavior too. Lot's of kisses and pats on the head.
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