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Just a little more information for you before you begin your journey!

Crate ready for Crate training your puppy
Medium sized crate will work fine for a Cocker Spaniels entire life

Prior to pick up your vet appt. should be scheduled from within 3 days of date to pick up. This is important to all involved so that all parties are in agreement that your new puppy is in fine and good health. If you want the health guarantee to stay in effect. Honestly, some people just wait until pup is 9 weeks old. That is when the second shot is due.

It is recommended by Classy Cockers that at this appt. no shots will be necessary. This is only an overall good health check up. Please take the “Shot Schedule” given to you by Classy Cockers. At this time you will discuss shots needed for your area. It is recommended that your new puppy only get the required shots stated as they can be very hard on puppies and sometime adverse affects can happen resulting in death. While not common it does happen.

You will also at this time discuss the best time to start your new puppy on “Heartguard” medication or Flea and Tick treatment. It is recommended that you start the puppy at an appropriate weight and time of the year when it is actually in need. Again, over medicating can cause serious side effects and even death. Heartguard Medications can cause serious health and side effects in some dogs/puppies. If you give this medication and notice these side effects DO NOT ADMINISTER IT AGAIN THE NEXT MONTH. IF YOUR VET DISREGARDS YOUR CONCERNS OF VOMITING, DIARREA, LETHARGY AND CHANGE IN BEHVIOR YOU MAY WANT TO SEEK OUT A NEW VET.

Puppy dander is more easily seen on the black pups of course and is in no way what so ever any concern. This is just one of those puppy things that they outgrow. This is not a sign your puppy is going to have any skin issues. As they get a few weeks on them this will disappear. What I do recommend and what I do is try to brush them often to get the oils in the skin going. I recommend at bath time a nourishing shampoo and a good conditioner or even a hot oil treatment. I use a leave in conditioner and apply it every other day or so. As I said, this is not a problem just liken it to a baby and cradle cap.

The Scoop on Poop! Puppies that have been weaned from mother’s milk to puppy chow will have an adjustment period. This is the time that the puppy stools are not as firm as they will be when given some time. This is normal and should not be a concern. By 8-10 weeks stools will be firmed up. The environment change is also something that may loosen a puppy’s stool. So please just give them time to settle in and all will be fine.

As a preventative pups are given Ponazuril once a week until departure along with Albon 10 days prior to leaving. I do all I can to insure that puppy stools come back negative for Coccidiosis or Giardia. Raising a litter of puppies is much more complex than raising one puppy. What's the saying? "if it was easy everyone would do it?"

The hardest pill to swallow as a breeder is having a beautiful litter of puppies and just one test positive for either coccidia or giardia( knowing I have done the preventative treatments) because I know for a fact if one would test positive they all would. I do my best to go with the flow, but it's a hard one for sure. We live in the country and have a dug well. I have been drinking our water for 35 years and seem to be doing just fine.

The Diagnostic Challenges of testing for Giardia in dogs and cats

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