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I can't seem to get Charm to sit still long enough to get a picture of her awake. I am just not fast enough. Here are a couple of her sleeping. She seems happy and content and knows her way around the house and knows where her water bowls are and where the food is. She is a real lover for sure.

Thanks for everything!
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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Stephanie!

I took these pictures of Charm on the 9th of January after I trimmed her up. I am no pro for sure. She is getting better at staying still for me and likes getting bathed. She is Charmingly sassy and likes to talk back when being corrected. Well, you know what I mean "bark back". She is very active and has a lot of spunk but is such a joy to us and very lovable when she wants to be. She is a real beauty for sure. Thanks so much for letting me have her from the Sassy/Beaux breeding.


Just wanted you to see how beautiful Charm is and sending a picture of big sister Liddi. Charm gives her a hard way to go for sure. Charms loves her toys and has 3 bells she plays with, a brass bell about 3 inches in diameter, a mini cow bell about 2 inches and a 1 inch jingle bell and she runs from one end of the house to the other with them exchanging them in and out just making all kinds of racket. She is a real character for sure and loves to jump. Take care and always thinking of you and your crew.

Happy Valentine's Day Stephanie!

We have been snowed on, iced on, and sleeted on here in the St. Louis - Metro East. Charm is doing great and loves to play and run with her toys. She especially likes a bell that she has because of all the noise it makes and she likes to fetch the ball too. She loves being outside in the snow and roots around like a little pig putting her nose down in it and plowing through coming up with a face full of snow. She is a joy to us and makes us laugh. She is so funny sometimes. Her latest thing is wanting in the bath tub all of the time. She sits by the side and boofs at me to let her in the tub. She loves her baths with the shower nozzle, bites at the shower water and drinks it so I guess she wants a bath everyday. Ha!

Take care in the winter freeze!

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