Classy Country Cockers | Getting started on the right "paw"
Created 5-Apr-18
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This section is important even though I have tried to make it fun. I talk about a lot of things here at CCs all important for puppy and families to get started off right.
I ask that you take the time to read through things and pay attention to emails and correspondence we have had to help answer questions concerning bringing home a CC puppy.
Your puppy has been to my vet for a vet check and has been started on it's first vaccination. Paperwork is all in order with a detailed shot schedule I have listed out for your convenience.
AKC paperwork is all filled out properly and pups are being released at a time they are ready to join their new homes with an easy transition from my care to yours.
They are eating well and on crunchy food, they are playful and energetic. Yes, you will have different personalities and that is to be expected and makes it fun to come and choose the puppy you feel fits your personality and life style.
I will say it again, "there are no perfect breeders and no perfect puppies." I do my best to provide sound puppies from and environment to be proud to say "our new puppy is a Classy Country Cocker."

When I have a litter I am very much involved with sharing their growth and development with my families throughout their time they wait for departure day. I enjoy doing this for my families but it also gives them peace of mind that they can see updates and environment along with each puppy as they are developing into their little puppy selfs!

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