Classy Country Cockers | 4-12-15 Macy/Baxter pups
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Saturday the 11th, was filled with puppies, families, sunshine and green grass. Fun was had by all. I enjoyed meeting new families today who we are welcoming into the CC family fold.

Marlene made the trip up bright and early with her grandson Brady who is quite the little dog whisperer. I think he could be on to something. Marlene was actually in line for a buff male but decided early on that perhaps changing her mind to a black male might be a good choice. Well, she was able to secure the first pick of my 3 black boys. We decided that Oh my how to pick?, they are all so nice. In the end she decided upon Conan who will now be named Sebastian.
Pat and Lynne brought the boys out to see what CC's was all about. Pat and I had a nice phone visit prior to their commitment to a CC puppy. I must say that I am very impressed with this family. Lochlan is now "Rocky" and will be in a home that he will be much loved and very well tended too. I think we both enjoyed our visit and I was happy to see them enjoy my Crew today too. Nothing like a little dog hair and puppy kisses to make everyone feel better.

Bob and Sandy have been on my waiting list for a while now and were finally able to bring home the much awaited buff female. Ashling is now Isabella, Bob and Sandy are going to have some great help with the grandkids helping to keep miss Bella or Izzy busy when she comes home on May 2nd.

Thanks for taking the time to come see the little ones, It was a great day in the Country.

Deaglan is now MILES and is going to a really great family. We met this weekend. Robin and her family have been waiting for a buff female but thought to give my handsome black boy a try and bring home CC puppy number two when we get a buff female. The kids were just great and I for sure this little puppy will not want for a thing. Lot's of attention to go around.

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