Classy Country Cockers | Fall~Family~ Fun 2014
Created 5-Sep-14
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When Labor Day arrives it seems that the summer season is coming to an end here at the Mains. The fairs are over, the livestock shows finished for us anyway, and the kids are back in school. Kreg and Mainview Farm are getting things ready for the harvest season.

I look forward to the crisp days and turning of the leaves. Rowan and I (you know she comes on Mondays and Fridays) will be able to head out for combine rides with Grandpa Kreg.

The Crew here at CCs will enjoy the cool days and warm sunshine. Although it seems the only hot weather all summer long has been in the last two weeks. You know, when school starts.

I hope you will enjoy a glimpse of my family and life here out in the country. We are a close family and Kreg and I enjoy our children and grandchildren now. We have 4! It's a busy life at times and others quite peaceful out here in the country.

Life is good, everyday we are alive and healthy and thankful for all the blessings we have.
Grandpa Kreg showing Rowan his pumpkin patchAubrey and her dad at our end of the summer partyAdam, Amanda and RowanWe are off to the Circus Labor Day fun with Eli and Ethan

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