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Created 4-Jun-15
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What better place to continue to encourage my families to go "Grain Free" than in my Crew Gallery. Not only can you see what I feed my crew but also this wonderful testimonial. Enjoy and please take this information to heart and swich up that old food and get into the New Grain Free world.

GUINNESS click on his gallery photo below

I received this very nice email from a family that goes way back! I told Kathy that I wanted to use this letter as a testimonial about my thoughts of "Grain Free". I tell families over and over, please grain free for adult food. It has been shown to help keep health issues to a minimum. It's only been in the last few years that the dog food industry has really started to address these needs of the consumer and pet owners.
I tell people this time and again. Grain Free PleaseGuiness  update 6-4-15

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