Classy Country Cockers | FridayFunday 3-11 Mercy/Baxter
Created 13-Mar-16
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I had my three dollies come to play on Friday and I even had Aubrey home for the day, or Aunt B as the kids call her.
The sun was shining, Rowan is feeling better and Evalie is just cute as can be. Vale was loving the attention for Aunt B and Beaux and Marley thrilled with the outside time with the girls.
Mr. Beaux can be found watching over baby Vale and Marley simply cannot pass up bubble time. The girls had a blast blowing bubble watching Marley chase them.
We started out with a visit to the pups, Rowan of course got right in ans sat the warm nest. Evalie wasn't guite ready to get that close yet. Rowan is showing her the ropes being CC's little helper.
We had a great day!
Rowan with SugarRowan giving Kasey som love tooMr. Beaux helping Aunt B with baby Vale

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