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All these years and still loving every minute of my crew, families, and puppies! We now can add the grandchildren to the mix.  What could be a better life than grandkids, puppies, and living in the country? I'm content with my camera, clippers and crew and can be found usually covered in hair and my camera over my shoulder not wanting to miss that perfect shot. While I make this look like the best job ever I do hope that you will look closely at the amount of time and effort I put into what I do here at CC's.


While many breeders have retired due to old age, or just thrown in the towel due to the economy and strict regulations enforced. I have spent the last couple of years, building on my lines and improving my genetics overall. I have had a very limited number of pups in the last few years while I have been busy "reorganizing." I am happy to say that we are enjoying nice litters of buffs and blacks now in 2018.  I am extremely proud of my black lines,  they  have been in the works for several years now. Cocker Spaniels in black are not very common these days.  What I have found and I believe you have too is that reputable breeders are very few and far between, those producing the superior blacks and buffs even less.

Through the years not only our breeding program has evolved but our website has as well. It seems we just love to show off our Crew and our puppies.

Classy Country Cockers is an established breeder of the American Cocker Spaniel.  For the past 30 years now we have concentrated on producing Cocker Spaniels bred to the AKC Show Standards. We have found that we enjoy the traditional colors of the black and buff lines. By staying small and select we are able to provide the care and well being for our adults, pups and families.

We have puppies throughout the year that we are able to share with select families. Our adults all have champion dominant pedigrees giving our puppies that look of a well bred Cocker Spaniel. Dispositions of our adults and puppies reflect the impeccable breeding behind our lines.

Our website will give you and in depth look at our "Furry Friends" or "References" . We enjoy all the updates and feel this is a wonderful way to display them for all to enjoy. When you visit you will see that updates are always current!

Our website has recenty undergone some major changes as technology continues to evolve. We think that you will all be able to enjoy the newly formatted website. Our new format is easily displayed on your smart phone, kindle and I pad. Our photos are published in high quality for a truly High Definition experience. I have even started to add some videos to my site, and they seem to be a real hit with my families.

When I don't have any puppies available and you would like to inquire about when pups will be coming along in the future. Email works best for me. I check my email regularly and can let you know what may or many not be coming up.