Classy Country Cockers | I'm Going to make a Calendar "Someday"
Created 4-Mar-15
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Welcome to my newest gallery. First off I will never " make a calendar". I have way too many great photos that would be in it.

I could call it, "I'm just showin' off now." but thought that might be a bit much.

This gallery will be showcasing my Crew with a few shots I take throughout the year and seasonal fun. You will also find a few photos with my little helpers" Grandchildren" too. Nothing makes my day more perfect that the kids, crew and my camera.

As always,
Stephanie and the Crew
My Riley Boy!Anna ( America/ Ruger)Chelsea SparklesHollyIvyMajorMajorChelsea Sparkles (Mimi/Lovie pup)Chelsea SparklesChelsea SparklesRuger with his pup HarveyRuger with his pup HarveyRuger "rootin' for the Cubbies October 2017"Annie May 2017America 5-6-2017Lovie 2-2017Lovie 2-2017Lovie 2-2017

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