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I have listed just a few things to get you started if you wish to groom your own cocker.

I use Pet Edge for supplies and have for years. You can find whatever you want for a good price.

There are many good grooming videos on YouTube I suggest you take a look at and of course books work well too. The internet can provide both options for you.

I have listed my favorite blades. I have found that those wanting to keep their cockers short for comfort and an aid not having to brush as often the #4 blade works good for this. It leaves enough coat to be cute and takes enough off without looking like chicken legs.

For those dealing with sensitive skin, the #9 works well on the back area.

I use the #15 on face, neck and ears as will be discussed in grooming books or videos.

You might come up with your own formula that works for your cocker.

You do need a grooming table and noose. You have to be in control and your pet needs to be safe.

Shampoos and Conditioners: take your pick so many to choose from.
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