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Created 12-Apr-15
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This gallery is dedicated to some of my favorite CC puppy pictures. Whether it be the time of year for seasonal fun or just a pup that I feel loves the camera, this is the gallery dedicated to simply Cute and Cuddly.

This gallery is filled with past and present "My Crew" pups. I have been adding to it over all the years. It's a very good way to see my pups throughout different stages. Of course my Furry Friends Gallery will show them as they mature in their forever homes.

I'd check back often as I will add to this gallery on a regular basis when I have a litter of pups.

How can you forget that I love my pups and love to show them off. Camera in hand, and away I go.

The photos order in this gallery is the end of the gallery are the newest photos uploaded.
Caedence 7 weeksMitzi Ruger blacks 7 weeksTeddy got the whole world in his handsTyrone, Mitzi/Ruger litterTeddy ~ Mitzi/Ruger litterCaedence ~ Mitzi/Ruger litterLilly ~ Mimi/'Ruger litterAnnie Oakley Mimi/Ruger litterMimi/Ruger litterSophie is from Mitzi X Ruger litterBella ~ Rylee X Marley pupRylee X Marley litter at almost 5 weeks

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