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Classy Country Cockers...... Who would have thought that 31 years ago, we would be producing cocker spaniels at this level.

January 2017 brings with it many changes in the Cocker Breeding world. This year has proven to be interesting to say the least. New laws, more paperwork, rising costs, things generally just getting more difficult for small responsible breeders to continue has caused more significant breeders to close their doors and are no longer breeding.

It's difficult for government regulations to make a fair assessment of everyone, so grouping everyone together has been trying to say the least. I happen to still believe there are good breeders out there, (myself included) who want to provide a well rounded purebred puppy to loving committed homes and should be able to have this option.

I mention these things because I have had to think long and hard about keeping my breeding program going. Truth be told, I have so much invested as far as my beautiful kennel and the lines of my dogs it's something I can't just walk away from at this time. As each year goes by it seems there are fewer breeders out there.

We are fortunate here at CC's that we have such a great following and demand for our pups. 2013 was a bit of a rebuilding phase here at CC's. We have retired one of our main males, and a few seasoned girls into pet homes. We brought in 2 new lines in hopes of getting our blacks up and going. We anticipate beautiful buffs and blacks in the future here at CC's.

My husband Kreg and I have been building our lines and reputation for some time now. It has not come easily, only by dedication and a lot of hard work have we achieved our success. The goal then, and the goal now remains the same; beautiful companions for pet homes. Striving to produce sound puppies bred to the AKC show standards for conformation.

By standing behind our breedings and our puppies insures our families that they are never alone. One of our main goals here at CC's from the beginning has been to offer superior quality puppies from an environment one can be proud of.

Long days of maintaining our "Crew" to insure they are beyond well taken care of, to the beautiful kennel in which they are housed. This has enabled us to continue to bring families in from all over the country for a CC Puppy. Many "breeders' are quick to say how their puppies are reared in this great environment, and how well their dogs are taken care of. Yet, funny thing is you never get to see this so called great environment or the adult dogs on a random basis. CC's has continual updates not only on our current litter of puppies, but our adults as well. New photos and updates are posted on all our crew quite often. We have a full virtual kennel tour that you must visit on our site. We want our families to be proud of the purchase of a CC puppy.

Stephanie and Kreg Main owners of Classy Country Cockers. You will visit with Stephanie. She is in charge of the Crew, website and families. Kreg keeps everything running smoothly here in the country. If there is a problem he is fixes it. He helps with chore time and countless other things that are done here on a daily basis. Those who have visited have seen Kreg here and there. You know the "Silent Partner".

The MEET THE MAINS Gallery will give you some updates on what my family has been doing. So check back often

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Our Kennel

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Labor & Delivery

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CC's Kennel Office area

Environment is the key!

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Environment is the key!

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an aerial view of Classy Country Cockers

Dog Days of Summer July 2018

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Dog Days of Summer July 2018