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Created 13-Feb-12
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I make it quite clear my pups are not raised inside my home in the family room. While some people seem to think this is a good thing, I happen to think to myself.... whoa, puppies poop a lot!

I am of the opinion that a healthy environment makes for healthy puppies. An environment where pups stay clean and dry, not rolling around in urine and feces littered newspapers.

I spend plenty of quality time with my pups. They are clean and dry which gives me peace of mind. I am a type A personality and a bit of a perfectionist. So a grubby puppy would drive me absolutely crazy!

What's so nice about my puppy run is that it's 4X8 and if I have a larger litter I can take down a wall make it bigger if I need to. The flooring is great because most of the waste falls through to be washed away. This is cleaned ALL THE TIME. Lord help me. I am always out stirring food, changing the water and talking to the pups. The pups pictured here at 5 weeks old and have been weaned for about one week.

You will see they enjoy their play area and are learning that they do their 'business" down on the other end. It's almost like crate training. Yes, that long dish is a chicken feeder. I discovered this works really well several years ago. I feed a premium puppy food and found it's not efficient to wash it down the drain. This keeps it contained and they all line up to eat.

They love their area and as they mature they are taken either outside in the yard to play or in my office area on the floor. Since our kennel enjoys radiant floor heat never worry about the pups on cold damp concrete. I enjoy the winter months of sitting on the floor at play time.

After soon to be 29 years of raising cocker spaniels my goal remains the same. To produce superior quality puppies in an environment to be proud to say, " this is where we got our puppy from".

Always remember, just as you are making sure you're bringing a puppy home from a responsible breeder I too will be making sure my puppy will be going to a home that meets my standards.

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