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Welcome to Classy Country Cockers! We are located in "ALTONA ILLINOIS". I know you will enjoy your visit to our website. While browsing our "Galleries" you will find all the updates and information you have grown to love about CC's over the years. If you're new to Classy Country Cockers take some time to get to know myself, my family and my Crew. I am very small breeder with a limited number of pups throughout the year. This allows me to work with just a few select families while placing my pups in select pet homes.

Rest assured all information on puppy availability is up to the minute! I also enjoy keeping everyone up to date with my "Newsletter" giving my families a peek into my family and special events here at CC's.

Navigation is easy, the fun begins with clicking on the "My Photographs" tab at the top of the page. Next click on the " All My Photos Tab". Welcome to the fun of Gallery after Gallery of not only photos but important information useful in your research for just the right Cocker Spaniel puppy for your family.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Each picture or Gallery can be clicked on with your mouse. These will open up to information and photographs pertaining to that subject. I have taken great time to include the information I feel is necessary for my families to aid with selecting a Classy Country Cocker.

One of the best features is that I can now share my website on my phone, I pad and kindle with friends and family. All the photos look fabulous and text is easily read as well. With families staying in touch and on the go, it only made sense to me to have a truly all around easy to navigate website!

What's Available At CC's
litter updates on 9-17-14
Pups have arrived!!

Macy and Baxter Litter 8-14-14
litter update on 9-17-14
All pups are spoken for but please visit our gallery to watch us grow

*Why I love my boys Gallery*

Classy Country Cockers is proud to support healthy living with NuVet Vitamin Suppliment Each season offers a different kind of could be problem. Spring and Summer can be the worst for allergy problems. We also feed a premium dog food and start our pups out on a quality puppy food. We feed Nutri Source Brand Puppy Food and our Adult Crew is fed Nutri Source Lamb Meal Formula Grain Free

I know you will enjoy all my Furry Friends or Reference pages and I enjoy sharing as many photos as I can. My photos load quickly now and I am positive that all the kind letters are easily viewed. To view the newest furry friends updates click on the "Recently Added Gallery". By running your mouse over each photo the date it was modified will show.

Yes, what changes CC's has made through all these years. Enjoy everyone and love to hear from my current families and looking forward to welcoming in new family members in the future.

Sit back relax, and enjoy all the wonderful galleries I have prepared for you starting with our homepage slideshow with some of my favorite photos. These photos along with our Furry Friends and Puppy Availability are always changing so make sure to visit often. For a Quick Glance at what's been "Recently Added" click here

Warm Regards,
Stephanie and the Crew

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All these years and still loving every minute of my crew, families, and puppies!

Through the years not only our breeding program has evolved but our website has as well. It seems we just love to show off our Crew and our puppies.

Classy Country Cockers is an established breeder of the American Cocker Spaniel. For the past 29 years now we have concentrated on producing Cocker Spaniels bred to the AKC Show Standards. We have found that we enjoy the traditional colors of the black and buff lines. By staying small and select we are able to provide the care and well being for our adults, pups and families.

We have puppies throughout the year that we are able to share with select families. Our adults all have champion dominant pedigrees giving our puppies that look of a well bred Cocker Spaniel. Dispositions of our adults and puppies reflect the impeccable breeding behind our lines.

Our website will give you and in depth look at our "Furry Friends" or "References" . We enjoy all the updates and feel this is a wonderful way to display them for all to enjoy. When you visit you will see that updates are always current!

Our website has recenty undergone some major changes as technology continues to evolve. We think that you will all be able to enjoy the newly formatted website. Our new format is easily displayed on your smart phone, kindle and I pad. Our photos are published in high quality for a truly High Definition experience.

When I don't have any puppies available and you would like to inquire about when pups will be coming along in the future. Email works best for me. I check my email regularly and can let you know what may or many not be coming up.

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Environment is the key!

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Environment is the key!

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Milo (Rylee/Marley)

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Fall~ Family~ Fun 2014

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