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August 1st Update:
*First important information, We have no puppies available at this time*

We're doing our best to get some on the way

With the arrival of August I am planning on starting my fall breedings. It looks like things are about to get real busy here for fall/winter and spring.

I am hoping to do a couple of breedings the end of August, September, October, November and January or February. Dates and breedings will depend on the girls actual cycles and dates. I do all I can do and they do their part. I am looking for some nice blacks and buffs and will be introducing Major to the girls this fall too. Time will tell how he steps up to his duties and what colors he gives me. "Where's my crystal ball when I need it?"
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers for CC pups in the making!!!

(Make sure to click on the photo gallery, this will open up to more photo and informational galleries)

Pricing and payment information can be acquired by emailing me

Pricing and further information can be acquired by on my contact me link.

For your convenience I will be using paypal for payments. This is an efficient way to send money as well as safe and secure. When you set up your account you can link it directly to your bank account or any major credit cards you'd like. I find that I use my paypal account more than I thought I ever would.

Reputable breeders are getting harder and harder to find. Many of the older breeders have just thrown in the towel due to costs, all the record keeping, their age and environment control. Then you have the breeders who thought is was easy money, Many of these "breeders" have just disappeared when the economy was terrible several years ago. I simply just keep doing what I love, I do it well and my families prove it to me time and again with their kind words and updates.

These families have put their trust in me and I have put my "faith" in them to care for my pups.

After all these years, my goals still remain the same.

New Year 2018 update and thoughts..... I have to say I really feel for families searching for a new companion. I don't go out on the world wide web often because what I see is disheartening to say the least. I have found outdated websites, lack of information and most importantly outdated photos of what they are offering as available. In some instances I have found photos shown were not the actual puppies they had for sale. So with all things it is buyer beware.
With all that said.... while your on your hunt for the 'perfect breeder & puppy" which by the way there are none... do be selective in your process. While I may at times be a bit "brisk" it's because I am multi tasking all the time. I'm a perfectionist and even when thing are running smooth and pups and crew are doing great I am always working, managing and making sure everything is as perfect as I can have them. My pups are handled all the time to insure their health and growth is up to my standards. This is what I do, I work at this full time, while I enjoy what I do this is not a hobby for me. I have a lot at stake involved with my families counting on me and my pups and crew depending on me to do right by them. I have lists, and guidelines that I am always checking twice and a strict regiment when it comes to care of my pups and keeping the needs of my families at the top of this very important list. I am far from perfect, but that doesn't mean that I can't continue to strive for perfection. I will most likely be in an early grave for it but everything will be just the way I LIKE IT!!

While I make my days look like all I do is play with puppies and take their pictures to share on my website, I assure you this is just a portion of what I do. These things are the "extras" people expect of me and I am always eager to show off my pups. However there are a lot of behind the scenes day to day things that I do. For example: if I have a large litter I feel it's my job to make sure the mom and pups are all doing their best. Sometimes I make the call to supplement the pups (even though the mom is excellent she can only do so much) I can be found sitting with my babies every 2-3 hours with my formula and syringe just "topping off their tummies". This not only helps my moms keep up but the puppies never skip a beat and continue to grow and thrive. I do this because I can and I have the time to do so. Time....... puppies take a lot of TIME.

To this day I feel I go over and above to keep my families in the loop of their puppy from CCs. I have added videos and day to day clips to share. What you see is what you get. I work long hours to keep my standards to what I feel is the best I can do.

I am a worrier and a people pleaser by nature. My goal always has been and will continue to be to do the best I can in helping you with your CC puppy. When things don't go according to plan I take this to heart. When a litter doesn't have the numbers anticipated, I take this to heart because I know I have families counting on me. This "job" of mine takes a lot out of me at times and I am thankful and appreciative of the quality of people I work with.

I will continue to be upfront and honest, do my job with pride and treat my families as I would want to be treated.

1. to set my standards of care and quality to produce superior Cocker Spaniels

2. Go over and beyond when it comes to the care of my Crew

3. treat my crew and pups with the dignity they deserve

4. place my pups in only select homes, I understand my pups aren't for everyone

5. to provide my families with a companion from and environment they can be proud of

I could go on and on, but what I do ask of you is to do your checking around, make sure you are seeing exactly what you're getting. As I said, I understand my pups aren't for everyone. In fact I am quite honored that when I do have pups on the way that I know only the best homes will be taking them home.

6. I make sure my pups go to committed families for a lifetime.

If I have made you smile and believe I have the best job ever, well then I guess I have succeeded. While I may indeed have "the best job ever" it comes with a lot of hard work and dedication that can clearly be seen by visiting each and every gallery I share with you.

As mentioned time and again, email is preferred.

Feel free to enjoy our weekly updates with our CC family members.

Pricing can be acquired by email. If you haven't been in touch for a while please be sure to send me an email for current pricing.

A few links to important galleries you may have missed

Purchase Information

Furry Friends or "References"

The Crew

Always remember when getting on my list. I will always have first pick of any litter produced if I feel the need to hold something back. I don't do this often but I do want to make sure everyone understands this.

*Remember* I don't ship my pups. All CC pups must be picked up in person. I am happy to meet you at the Moline Airport if you choose to fly in and take your puppy back under your seat. However airlines are so unpredictable these days I recommend driving if possible.

I work very closely with my families, and they in turn appreciate the hard work and effort I put into each litter and puppy here at CC's.
I strongly encourage you to view each important Gallery filled with important information about myself, my crew and my pups. I have many references and enjoy sharing my current and past pups within my website.

Email is preferred... why? because I am busy,not only with my crew but I am very actively involved with our grandchildren and enjoy our time toghether so being on the phone for any length of time just does not work for me. If I can send back a quick response to your question to get things started that works so much bette

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Our New Puppy

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